Monday, October 1, 2007

Blair's Lingerie in Gossip Girl "Wild Brunch"

I've gotten several emails asking about the corset and boyshorts combo worn by Blair Waldorf's character on last week's "Gossip Girl". Well, Glam Girls, I have good news and bad news: I did identify it, but I don't know where to get it outside of Australia. Yeah.

Sophie B "In Love Again" Corset & Boyshort
(René Rofé)
AU$94.95 (~US$85) Fantasy Lingerie

If anyone locates this in the US, please email a tip!

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olivia, poland said...

Ironically, I own this corset, which I bought in the UK at TKmaxx for 2 pounds. I almost fell off my chair when I saw Blair wearing it.

Anonymous said...

I found it on


Sarah said...

That is so pretty! Blair always looks amazing! Does anyone have any idea where to buy the robe? And she also wears a short black nighty in this episode...have any idea where to buy?

G.G. said...

Sarah--the problem with finding identical items is that it is now a year later, so chances are minimal, though of course it's not impossible. I didn't find either in October, but perhaps someone will still write in with a lead :)

G.G. said...

Oh, just to clarify, I mean that it is now almost a year since this episode filmed (not aired)

Sarah said...

Yeah, I know! Thanks for trying though! At least her style can inspire some fun fashion choices. Her style is so unique. I don't know if I would ever where the fun sexy pajamas that she does...but I think I might like to try. Thanks G.G.

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charmaine said...

Do u know where can I buy Blair's white sleeping robe? I NEED IT :(