Friday, October 26, 2007

Angelina Jolie & "Changeling" Crew at Train Depot

Funny. Angelina seems destined to be hunted by newspapermen, whether she's a movie star in 2007 or a mom in the 1920s. Here are pics of Angelina and crew filming at the Santa Fe Train Depot in San Bernadino, California. I must say I love this turquoise dress!

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Photo Source: Bauer-Griffin


Valley Girl said...

Its quite possible that this woman never has had a bad day. Its so not fair. She always looks good, even when she's emaciated.

Katelin said...

That color is very flattering on her, granted as VG said, she always looks good.

G.G. said...

VG & Katelin, agreed. Also agree with VG that Angelina could stand to gain just a few tiny pounds. If possible, she was even prettier at a more "normal" weight.