Friday, September 28, 2007

Tim Gunn's Guide to Style -- Ep. 106 (5) Stephanie, Cynthia Rowley, and Nina Garcia

In the fifth episode (or fourth, if you don't count the pilot), Tim and Veronica help a young pediatrician named Stephanie, who suffers from "Fashion sickness." This petite doctor, a "female Doogie Hauser" (Tim's words, not mine), wears Care Bears socks, Cookie Monster T-shirts, and clothes that make her look much younger than her 31 years. Of one of her outfits, Tim goes as far as to say: "That looks like it came out of the vomitorium." Let me tell you, I almost choked on my coffee, laughing, at that point.

As Tim says, "Good clothes need a good foundation." Veronica takes Stephanie to ERES Boutique on Madison Avenue to shop for Parisian lingerie. They are assisted by lingerie expert Céline Kaplan, who not only knows her lingerie, but has wise things to say in a fabulous French accent, such as: "Sexy lingerie makes you come alive as a woman," and, "Lingerie is the ABC of making you feel better." Stephanie walks out with two bulging bags of underwear, including the most gorgeous red demi-cup bra.

Tim's first gift for Stephanie is a new pair of glasses. He presents her with a box of four choices from Selima Optique. Don't ask me, I'm an eyeglass snob — mine are TAXI Eyewear from Milan, and none of the horn rims did it for me.

Next, Stephanie is sent to shop at Macy's where she finds a few great outfits, including a high-waisted black satin pencil skirt and a red & black dress that brings out the best of her proportions. Folks, before you ask, neither is longer available, I'm sorry to say. These episodes were filmed weeks ago, and the items have sold out.

**Correction: Supagirl found the skirt, and it is available. It is Miss Sixty Alida Skirt.
Thanks, Supagirl!**

The exact Maggy London (London Times) burgundy dress is at Nordstromicon
Thanks "Anonymous"!

Macy's has the a long sleeve version of the dress, and on sale.icon

Also, a sleeveless version is available for half that price at Overstock.comicon

The designer visit this week was to Cynthia Rowley, whom Tim dubs "the epitome of elegance." First, Stephanie tries on a navy blue satin 3/4 sleeve dress with a satin belt and bottom ruffle. Just then, in walks Nina Garcia, Fashion Director for Elle Magazine, and known to all of us Project Runway fanatics as one of the judges. Nina Garcia tells Stephanie that she needs to walk with confidence in heels: "You need to walk in them like you were born in them." Amen to that.

I was delighted to find out Cynthia Rowley is a Marilyn Monroe fan as well. She shared with Tim, Nina, Stephanie (and the viewers) a tip Marilyn revealed in her autobiography My Story: in the beginning of her career, Marilyn would have 1/2" shaved off one shoe, in order to help put more wiggle in her walk. Next, Stephanie tries on the first dress in Fuchsia and plum, a pink tone-on-tone dot slip dress (called Gilded Dinner Dress) and the belted ivory jacquard "Heiress" sheath dress, which she eventually chooses.

Stephanie's hair is highlighted and razor cut to perfection by Brian Magallones, representative for Garnier Fructis, who styles celebrities such as Mischa Barton. Makeup artist Sue Devitt of Sue Devitt Beauty does her makeup and turns Stephanie from a little girl into a sophisticated woman.

Tim's second gift to Stephanie is a TACORI initial pendant necklace, with her initial "S" set in diamonds. How fabulous is that!?

For Tim's final surprise gift, he presents Stephanie with a trip to Las Vegas to attend the MDA Telethon with Jerry Lewis — with VIP Backstage Passes. For Stephanie, who has been volunteering for the Muscular Dystrophy Association since she was a girl, this is a dream come true.

The final fashion show for friends and family proves that Tim and Veronica succeeded indeed. As Tim puts it, Stephanie has gone "from My Little Pony to National Velvet."

I wish it were next Thursday already!

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Laura K said...

This is a great recap - I hope it's okay to link to BPR!

G.G. said...

Thanks, that's very flattering! Please link away :)

supagirl said...

The black high-waisted pencil skirt is Miss Sixty's "Alida" skirt, and is still available. Here's a link:

Anonymous said...

thanks supagirl for the heads-up on the pencil skirt.

i liked your blog GG, and i know you said that the red dress was sold out, but perhaps you could atleast tell us the details of the dress if you know them. like exactly who makes it?

G.G. said...

Thanks for the brilliant tip, Supagirl! I've added it to the blog entry. Also, I managed to find a similar red dress (although sleeveless) at Overstock. That's also in the post now.

G.G. said...

Alrighty, I found that exact red dress, also by Maggy London, at Barrie Pace. I've added it to the post. The sleeveless is less than half the cost, but the cap sleeve would probably give you more year-round wear :)

Anonymous said...

thank you so much GG! :D

G.G. said...

Hey Anonymous, I was hoping you'd come back! You're welcome :)

Anonymous said...

heya im back.. another heads up, the red dress is being sold on nordstrom's site as well.. and cheaper than barrie pace!

G.G. said...

Thanks Anonymous :) I swear, I checked Nordstrom! I figured out why I didn't find it there: I had narrowed search as "red" and since it's officially "burgundy", I hadn't seen it. I replaced the Barrie Pace with that :)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who makes the red dress veronica was wearing? The one with the hot pink petticoat. Wow!

supagirl said...

Veronica's red dress is by Azzedine Alaia. The petticoat is separate.

Anonymous said...

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