Friday, September 21, 2007

Tim Gunn's Guide to Style -- ep. 104 Nicole, Douglas Hannant and Movado

In the fourth episode, Tim and Veronica help a 29 year-old woman named Nicole, who has totally let her sense of style go. Since becoming a mother, she's had so many other things take precedence that dressing has been put on the back burner, and her wardrobe now consists almost entirely of jeans, capris, and shapeless t-shirts. Tim to the rescue!

Nicole is a beautiful woman, but she herself thinks of herself as fat and flabby. She is only 5'3", so dressing for her size is critically important. She needs clothes that make her look longer and leaner, Tim explains to her. Veronica Webb takes Nicole over to Catriona MacKechnie store in the meatpacking district, where Catriona herself fits Nicole with new bras.

Project Runway redhead, Laura Bennett, a mother of six, comes in to teach Nicole that she needs to be happy and fulfilled in order for her children to grow up to be happy and fulfilled people. She has her put on a blue vest with weights, each of which symbolizes one of the things Nicole enjoys but feels guilty about.

Tim gives her a brand new tote bag from Not Rational (they show the bag so briefly I couldn't tell, but I think it may be the "Fab Bag" in Champagne leather), and sends her to shop Macy's.

Nothing really clicks for Nicole, however, until Tim takes her over to the Douglas Hannant atélier to try on couture gowns. After she finds the dress of her dreams, Nicole returns to Macy's to complete her list of wardrobe necessaries.

Nicole's hair is done by none other than Oscar Blandi himself at the Oscar Blandi Salon, and her makeup is done with Maybelline by Troy Surrat.

The final gift was a Movado Ono Diamond Mother-of-Pearl Ladies Watch, a staggeringly beautiful watch with a band of stainless steel silver-tone rings, a sapphire 'glass' over the mother of pearl face, which is surrounded by a ring of diamonds. I wish Tim were around to give me one of them as well. This watch is heavenly!

Of the four episodes so far, this was the weakest I think, and not because of Tim and Veronica, but because of the 'victim' — she spent so much of the time either whining or being blasé that I felt sorry for Tim and Veronica. The end result, however, was fabulous as usual. I'm totally hooked on this show!

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