Friday, September 14, 2007

Tim Gunn's Guide to Style -- ep. 103, JeAnne & Carmen Marc Valvo

The third episode has a woman named JeAnne, who has achieved tremendous weight loss (145 lbs) in the past few years, and consequently has a hard time finding her own style and knowing what flatters her new body best. I loved that Tim said for once and for all, that you don't have to be a "size 0 model" to wear designer fashions.

First, Veronica took JeAnne to Intimacy on Madison Avenue to be fitted for new undergarments by Susan Nethero, bra fitting expert. As Tim repeatedly tells us, undergarments are the most important part of dressing. They are the foundation on which a good outfit is built. No wonder shapewear used to be called "foundation garments."

Tim and Veronica took JeAnne to Macy's for a shopping excursion and together they found fantastic outfits for her. The fashion designer visit was to the studio of Carmen Marc Valvo, and JeAnne walked away with a gorgeous black beaded halter dress (see below) originally worn by Jennifer Hudson! Other stars dressed by him include Queen Latifah, Vanessa Williams, Jane Fonda, among numerous others. Carmen Marc Valvo impressed me with his graciousness, and his understanding of real women's silhouettes. JeAnne was also taught how to walk like a runway model by the famed Benny Ninja. A lot goes into it, of course, but the main ingredient is confidence.

Tim got in a few priceless quips again: "The 80's were a decade that was so unkind to fashion" (said in reference to blue leather skirts). "Horizontal stripe," Tim said, "doesn't look good on anyone." On the famous separating of existing clothes into four categories (Keepers, Menders, Give-aways, Throw-aways), Tim wisely stated: "In order to rebuild, you have to deconstruct." I know it is the one-millionth time I'm saying this, but I LOVE TIM GUNN!

JeAnne's hair and makeup was done at the Rita Hazan Salon. Rita did the color, Rene Fris cut her hair into an adorable pixie, and celebrity makeup artist Ross Burton made her look like a movie star.

I did some sleuthing to find you the items JeAnne received as presents from Tim.

Tracy Reese
'Seville' Satchel
$545 $364 Nordstrom

Carmen Marc Valvo
Beaded Halter Dress
$595 Nordstrom

Purple Rock Necklace
ROCKRAS by Kimberly McDonald

All other clothing, including the black
satin trench coat, from Macy's

Kenneth Cole Reaction
Kimono-Sleeve Trench
$169 Macy's

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Anonymous said...

You can find the Amethyst, Pearl and Diamond pendant at

Seraphine said...

The Kenneth Cole tranch coat speaks to me. Sera. Sera. SEEEERRRA!

G.G. said...

Hey Anonymous, the pic was linked to it :)

Seraphine, I thought it would, but don't you go sliding down any water slides in it :P (for those of you wondering what that means, check out Seraphine's latest blog comic).

Anonymous said...

Oopse didn't see that. I called for a price and found out it's $2000. The amethyst is like forty carats! Plus there is a diamond at the top of the amethyst and the whole chain is white pearl. Gorgeous!

G.G. said...

Wow, thanks for letting me know so I didn't have to call. 2K huh? I'm gonna say it again. I LOVE TIM GUNN! My friend Mags submitted herself to be on the show and they did a prelim interview, but I think they figured she wasn't an emergency (I like her style) and she didn't get picked. How fantastic would that be though, not only to hang with Tim, but to get bags, jewelry, and designer clothing to boot. *envy*

Anonymous said...

i loved the black dress that Veronica Webb wore in this episode!!! can you tell who design it? or something about it!!! sorry for bad english!!! said...

Oh my god, there's a lot of effective material in this post! said...

I totally match with anything you have written.