Sunday, September 9, 2007

Something Rotten in the State of Wangmark: Review of Vera Wang's SS08 Ready-to-Wear

What happened to Vera? At the risk of ending on her "black list", I have to speak my piece. I can't be one of these reviewers who just idly "looooove" everything. I usually have the highest regard for her, but the Vera Wang Spring/Summer 2008 Collection at New York Fashion Week was brutal. Now now, hear me out, I can back it up:

Unflattering Shapes

If this outfit looks like this on a 6' 100lb runway model, you can only imagine it on a regular woman. It makes her look pearshaped, like she's got hips out to there, and no waist to speak of.


This looks like nothing so much as a burlap sack dyed black. There is no shape whatsoever, and look where it cuts off — mid-calf. Any stylist would tell you that's an unflattering spot for a hemline (most recently, Tim Gunn said it in the premiere episode of his "Guide to Style"). And the shorter you are, the more you'll look like you're in a mumu.


All I could think of when I saw this was, "Vera Wang designs for Lane Bryant now?"


The pants had a weird baggy effect with bunches of fabric collecting on the front. Unless you have a concave abdomen, you CANNOT pull them off — you'll look like you're pregnant, or seriously flabby.

Shiny Satin Weirdness

OMG, it's like Project Runway's Angela designed this outfit for the JCPenney Collection! Trust me, you have to see the larger pic of this, it's even worse. All shiny and ruched everywhere, it's a wacky suburban housewife take on the classic Jackie O — the Jackie Ugh!

Oh, THAT's what happened to my wrapping paper from last year's Christmas presents!

Furthermore, the color scale was curious:

Not to mention the footwear was UGLY. There wasn't a pair in that show I'd put anywhere near my feet.

Okay, enough. There were 5 pieces in the collection I liked:

Signature Vera Wang. Love it.

The gathering on the side and the silhouette on this dress are fresh and elegant.

Unusual color and lovely, streamlined shape.

Extraordinary shape. The neckline and shoulders are 1930s, from there down 1920s, with a decidedly 2000's twist. A+

Again, fantastic shape, gorgeous colors, love the side pouffe and the tail. Only thing I think could have been better are the straps — they seem too casual for the rest of the dress, making it an option for the Golden Globes, but not the Oscars.

When you consider that the show had 49 pieces out of which I liked 5... that means I disliked 90% of the collection. If this were Project Runway, I'd be giving her the "Auf Wiedersehen" right now. But that's just my take. Did you have a different reaction? You can view the whole collection on, from which all of the above images were taken.



Clotheshorse said...

I have never thought Vera Wang's ready-to-wear was anything special and this season seems to exemplify this. She needs to stick to designing wedding dresses. Plus, I have never seen another designer pimp her name out so much.

Trendini said...

I have to agree that most of it is ill fitting and the shapes seem out of whack...not so good for vera...maybe her lower end line will be better

Anonymous said...

If the goal was to make anorexic girls feel fat, she seems to have nailed it!