Thursday, September 20, 2007

SEX AND THE CITY Movie: First Pictures of the Filming

OMG! The Filming has begun! The first pics came in of Sarah Jessica Parker and Christ Noth doing lots of smooching in an exterior scene on Manhattan's Upper East Side. All four ladies and all the gents are firmly on board, Candice Bergen will return as the editor of Vogue, and Jennifer Hudson is also in the movie. The rumor is they will shoot in New York, Los Angeles (Rodeo Drive), Malibu and Mexico. Plot rumors include that Charlotte may in fact get pregnant after all, while Miranda and Steve have lost the spark in the bedroom. Another rumor is that Mr. Big will go back to being Mr. Bad. Hmm... all of this is just unsubstantiated gossip, so don't hold me to any of it. The movie is set to be released on May 30, 2008. I'm marking my calendar now!

Without further ado, the photos (click to enlarge):

Love the outfit, the shoes, the Eiffel Tower Bag by Timmy Woods!

Carrie and Mr. Big Kissing

And much kidding around ensues:

Imagine running in those heels and
having to stop at that green mark
on the ground, without looking!
That takes skill. Love you SJP!

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alexgirl said...

Woo hoo! I don't know if it's going to be any good (i think they waited too long to make it), but I am still super excited for this movie. That green dress is gorgeous, and those HEELS!!!

Anonymous said...

I need to find those heels! Who makes them?? Where can I find them??

Anniina said...
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G.G. said...

Trying to locate them, they are fab!

G.G. said...

Okay, my feeling is that they are Givenchy, because of the studded pump they have at Nordstrom and the similar sandal they have in patent at Zappos. I'm wondering if we'll see them on October 3, when Givenchy reveals their spring 08 collection in Paris.

Anonymous said...

Must have those shoes. NOW!

Anonymous said...

dior's shoes!!!