Sunday, September 23, 2007

SEX AND THE CITY Movie: Carrie's Shoes

Filming continues on the streets of Manhattan, and Sarah Jessica Parker looks fantastic in Patricia Field's outfits. This one with the gigantic flower is vintage Carrie, although perhaps more "costumey" than usual.

There are those shoes again, which we first saw in the pictures with Mr. Big. I ventured a guess that they were Givenchy, but now I'm thinking maybe D & G. We have lots of fabulous readers, so if someone knows for certs, please please please share, because we're all dying to know. **update**ShopDiary identified them: Spring 2007 Christian Dior.**

Odd choice, though, pairing these shoes with that dress. I don't think I approve. Do you?

All the girls were doing a "Walk-and-Talk" on Friday. See the full spread at PopSugar

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Daniela Carrasco said...

I also want to know, the shoe brand, please tell me!!

G.G. said...

It says in the post: Spring 2007
Christian Dior

Anonymous said...

Yup, they are Diors. Very comfy too!

Anonymous said...

shoes from sex and the city are always at STEVEN DANN. Can anyone tell me why? Who is he and why is the only shoe place celbs buy shoes from? im so confused. Can I buy on that site?

Anonymous said...

Sure, STEVEN DANN can be found through this site has the best shoes I've bought! I also have to say that they were so nice, Steven even spoke to me himself which is huge. He was also on the Real Houswives of NYC and according to Us weekly Pat Fiels has asked for his boots to be in the next movie.

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