Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Past Glam? 1955 Waist Cincher Ad


In fashion, trends come and go, but the good things stay forever. While wearing a "foundation garment", or what we today might call "shapewear", was considered an integral part of every glamour girl's arsenal in the 1950s, today we mostly do without. However, don't most of us own some kind of miracle gear? Certainly many wedding dresses, evening gowns and other outfits not only benefit from but some actually require structural magic underneath. If you have an outfit with a retro silhouette or something very figure-hugging, you should consider shapewear. The funny thing is, however far we've come with Spanx and various elastics in construction, in design the oldies are still the goodies:

Rago Waist Cincher 21
(Firm Control)
Sale $30.60 Her Room

Rago Waist Nipper 821
(Power Control)
Sale $28.80 Her Room

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Ad image: HIDE-A-WAIST magazine advertisement from the back of the August 1955 issue of Hollywood Stars. From my own collection.

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