Thursday, September 13, 2007

I love Tim Gunn: Malandrino Dress, and Diamond Ring

I don't know how I chanced to miss episode 101 of "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style" — thank goodness Bravo reshows the episodes. As I said last week, his show is fantastic.

In episode 101 Tim helps a young woman named Rebecca find her own style and femininity. The episode was so uplifting! She goes from T-shirts and jeans to a Catherine Malandrino dress and looks gorgeous. In the end her husband presented her with a platinum anniversary ring from which Tim had thoughtfully provided. The husband is so sweet and genuine and by the end of the episode I had tears in my eyes. Whew! If you missed it, check the listings at Bravo for air dates.

I looked around and I found the dress and ring in case someone is dying for them. The Malandrino is last season, but there is 1 dress in a size 4 for sale on eBay. No more to be had anywhere else at the moment. As for the ring, here it is:

1 Carat Diamond
14k White Gold
Anniversary Band

New episode tomorrow night, I can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

Can you find out where she got that adorable cream colored blazer she wears? I love it!!

G.G. said...

Hey, all the clothes (other than the designer visit) were through Macy's, but it was last season and is no longer available. There is a similar one available in black (from Studio M).

mrkuple said...

This is a very beautifull diamond anniversary ring i really like it.

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