Saturday, September 1, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Got back to the East Coast and it's good to be home. The weather is oppressively humid and my hair frizzed out within minutes of being outside. Tourists are everywhere but so, thank goodness, is Starbucks.

This pic is from Bryant Park yesterday, where the tents are already up and a host of burly men are working feverishly to get them ready for the New York Fashion Week. If you're in NYC sometime, stop by the park and sit down. There are tables and chairs aplenty, and the WichCraft stalls sell coffee, sandwiches, and ice cream. And don't forget to pay a visit to the statue of William Cullen Bryant at the top of the park, and the Gertrude Stein statue a stone's throw away. Bring a book and you can sit down at the quiet reading area, or just engage in people-watching.

Word to the wise: don't wear flipflops or thongs—the mysterious drips from the rooftops and the general dirt that is part of New York will get you. I was all in LA mode yesterday, and got unpleasantly reminded of the wisdom of wearing closed toe shoes...

Well, I'm home, and regular posting will resume next week :)

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