Monday, September 24, 2007

HEROES Milo Ventimiglia & Hayden Panettiere Dating Rumors

Since the beginning of the month, when Hayden and Milo were seen taking walks and lunching together, to the HEROES tour of Europe for publicity, to the Emmy Awards, rumors have been getting stronger about Hayden and Milo being romantically involved. Pshh! I said that already on August 1, remember? Well, since Hayden broke up with her boyfriend earlier this month, and the two have seemed very cosy (dancing together at the Governor's Ball and at the Emmy after parties, and Milo even going so far as cutting Hayden's steak at dinner), the speculation is unstoppable. The Maybe-Couple even has garnered a nickname: HaLo!

Many are turned off by the idea, citing age: Milo is 31, Hayden supposedly turned 18 recently. But one thing must be remembered. In Hollywood, the first thing agents do is make their female clients deduct 3-5 years off their "public age" — chances are that what we saw Hayden celebrating was not her 18th, but her 21st birthday. The age gap is still 10 years, but not quite so skeevy now, is it? And you tell me you wouldn't want to date Milo Ventimiglia, whether you're 21 or 41!

I think they are both lovely, and best of luck to them. I am counting the hours to the HEROES season premiere tonight. Yes, I'm totally geeking it out: I'll be wearing my "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World" T-shirt :P

Here is a photo retrospective of cosy "we're not dating" HaLo images:
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Having lunch together in West Hollywood

HEROES Pre-Emmy Party

Sitting together at Emmy Awards

Look at the hand at the waist

Hmmmm :)


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Photos from various gossip rags.

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