Friday, September 28, 2007

Gossip Girl: Knock Off Blair Waldorf's Look for Less

I admit: I watch Gossip Girl for the clothes! In this week's episode, Blair Waldorf's character had on a sophisticated, yet surprising combo: a white lace eyelet dress with black lace stockings and black patent leather Mary Janes. And it worked. The Gossip Girl clothes are trè cher, of course, so I hunted for "cheap chic" alternatives.

Blair's Brunch Outfit

Get the Look for Less
$48 Velvet Torch Lace Sheath Dressicon

$17.75 Emilio Cavallini Tights

$24.65 Cultured Pearl Braceleticon

$109.95 GUESS "Mikki" Mary-Janeicon

The whole look for $200 — several times cheaper than the original outfit.

**UPDATE: Found this at the Macy's sale going right now. Only medium left and won't last, but here's an even cheaper way to an eyelet dress. Already quite a bit different from Blair's, but it's a steal nonetheless:


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glamour girly said...

Oh, I love Gossip Girl (sadly, it runs at the same time as Private Practice), and I love those Mary Janes you found!


Lauren said...

hey can you find the dress blair wore at the beginning of the first episode

Petra said...

hey can you tell me what is the name of the actual Thread Social dress and is it available anywhere? (especially in Europe?)



I love Blair style, so romantic and Chic!! Love her!! thanks for the posts!! :-)

blairwaldorfrox said...

hi thanks for this, but i, going into the 8th grade, could you please do a post about getting blairs look for the younger set (p.s. blairs my idol, plz i want to go into 8th grade with blair's style)




whimsyfairy said...

hi there! i really love blair's style. uhm, can you help me find this dress she's wearing?

Anonymous said...

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