Thursday, August 16, 2007

What Los Angeles Glam Girls are Wearing

Glam Girls,
I haven't forgotten about you, but I'm in LA shooting a movie and the schedule is quite demanding. It may sound glamorous, but anyone who's ever been on a film shoot knows it's really not. You work long days (10-16hrs) and most of the day is spent waiting around for the lights and technology to be just right. Then you shoot the same scene over and over again for the different shots — wide shots, point-of-view shots from the main characters' angles, closeups of the same, &c. It does have a certain magic to it. Who doesn't love a makeup artist running after them, coming to add powder or fix the lipstick! Anyway, I will keep blogging when I have downtime and on days I'm off.

For now I leave you with my observation of what LA girls are wearing:

Day look:

James Perse Cami Dress
Kooba Natasha Mirror Bag

Jana Feifer "Bridget"

Glam Gals here are still in full summer mode — and why shouldn't they be, summer weather will last a few months yet. Lots of little white summer dresses and breezy prints. Big metallic bags abound as well. I didn't like the Kooba mirror bags when I first saw them, but they've grown on me. Maybe it's an East Coast / West Coast difference. Here they seem actually pretty hot. Daytime sandals seem to be mostly thongs, metallic or jewelled. One thing I love LA girls for — they dress to go shopping, and the boutiques look like they're whirring with pretty butterflies.

Evening look:

Twelfth St by Cynthia Vincent
Draped Navy Mini Dress
Prezzo Metal Mesh Clutch

Giuseppe Zanotti Platforms

Nighttime looks are very glam. The dresses are shorter and the heels higher than even New York, which is saying something. Everyone carries clutches and minaudieres. I wouldn't have paired navy with gold but I saw a girl at a party last night doing just that, and it actually worked. So there, my brief fashion report from LA.

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