Friday, August 10, 2007

Sarah Jessica Parker, Covet, and the $10,000 Mystery

Sarah Jessica Parker is someone whom I love to follow, because she stole my heart in Sex and the City and never gave it back.

The past week saw the launch of her new perfume 'Covet', as I'm sure you all know. The ads have been playing on TV nearly non-stop (clip). I have to say that I was turned off by them—it made me think "buy this if you're a shallow sociopath" and not "buy this if you want to be glorious." On the other hand, the jarring effect makes sure it can't be ignored or quickly forgotten. Perhaps a smart move from a marketing standpoint, but on the other hand, I'm tired of Glam Girls and fashionista-would-bes being portrayed as shallow, greedy and selfish. The whole Sex and the City finale meets "Cell Block Tango" from Chicago just doesn't work for me. I at least covet 'Covet' less now than before the commercials began to air. What's your opinion on the commercials?

The launch is being promoted aggressively on the Internet as well. Everyone can join in on "cracking the mystery" of the fictional 'Covet' theft and to prove that SJP was framed and expose the identity of the 'real' thief. The Grand Prize is $10,000. I think this game is a bit labor-intensive for me; I can't see myself traipsing around the web for weeks in a hunt for clues. But, don't let my blasé attitude deter you. Find out the details for yourself:

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Gemma said...

I have to say, this advert annoys me very much. If you watch closely, which I sadly have done, her mouth is not moving in time with the french words!

The whole thing just makes me cringe and these adverts make the usually imaculate Sarah look more and more like a witch.

Anyway, thank you for your kind comment on my jewellery :-)

Gem x

Kat said...

Thanks for your lovely comment, you're too good:-)
I have to agree, these ads do nothing for me. I think they are really un-SJP-ish, to be honest.

Very nicely written post.

G.G. said...

Thanks Glam Gals!

Good catch, Gem! I'll look more closely next time it's on TV.

Kat, I agree, so un-SJP-ish :)