Wednesday, August 8, 2007

RENE CAOVILLA Shoes: The Ultimate in Luxury

René Caovilla
The Diamond Cobra Sandal
Limited Edition

A few miles outside Venice, in the atélier of René Caovilla, shoes are still a form of high art.

The story of Caovilla shoes began in the early 1900s. Edoardo Caovilla began to produce handcrafted shoes in the centuries old Venetian tradition. In the 1950s his son, René Caovilla, took over the business, directing the company's focus towards couture. When he befriended Valentino in the Seventies, the Caovilla shoe as we now know it, began to emerge with shoes bearing the label "Valentino by René Caovilla." Next, Caovilla collaborated with Christian Dior and then with Karl Lagerfeld at the house of Chanel.

Today, Caovilla shoes are still made with all the artigianale techniques, every single shoe is meticulously crafted by hand, every jewel individually placed.


René Caovilla has flagship stores in Milan, Rome, Paris, London, Tokyo, Dubai, and now Palm Beach. Each store is like a 17th-century Venetian Palazzo, with exquisite furniture, artwork, and of course, shoes. Shoes as beautiful as anyone can imagine.

Caovilla shoes are very exclusive—as the Palm Beach store warns, they only get one of each size in each style. That combined with their painstaking creation, it is no wonder that their prices are in the $800 range. Also no wonder that stars such as Beyoncé and Sarah Jessica Parker love them. Who indeed could resist such divine creations, masterpieces of shoe art?

René Caovilla
Snake Sandal
$650.00 Vivre

René Caovilla
Large Crystal Snake Sandal
$950.00 Vivre

René Caovilla
Ruched Organza Anklestrap Sandal
$868.00 Vivre

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