Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Juicy Couture Online Trunk Show at Nordstrom

Did you check it out yet? I was pleasantly surprised! These are the two pieces I'm thinking of getting:

$498 Lantern Sleeve Pea Coat
$298 Sequin Tank Dress

I love the geometric pattern of the coat, and I'm always a fan of the black & white combo. The dress I like for the silver and for the simplicity. It could be dressed up or dressed down so easily. I'm also thinking about the yummy red Juicy bag... you know, since I haven't got that many handbags :P


Tru said...

is it just me or does that model remind you of edie sedwick

The Stiletto Effect said...

cute coat!

alexgirl said...

Oh, both of those are so cute! I'd be nervous that the coat would clash with too many outfits, but it is tres adorable. And I LOVE the dress.

Thanks for commenting on my wedding dress, too!

G.G. said...

Tru - yeah, now that you say it I see can see that!

Hey Su, LTNS :)

Alex - True. Your wedding dress is gorgeous, how could I not love it :)