Monday, August 6, 2007

Glam Guide Giveaway: Travel Makeup Pouch Set

In some cultures, it is those with birthdays who do the gift giving. So, for my birthday this year (August 18), I thought I'd do little "sweepstakes" both here and at Fairy Bagmother.

Birthday Present Giveaway from G.G.:

What: Set of two (2) Travel Makeup Pouches
Value: About $30
How to enter: Say you want it in the 'Comments' below.
Ends: August 18, 2007, 12 noon EST.

Turquoise Velvet Trimmed Black and Cream Toile. The inside of both pouches is trimmed in turquoise with tiny white polka dots. The bigger one will carry your larger toiletries, such as contact lens solution bottles, shampoo, toner, etc. The smaller is for your mascaras, liners, etc. Really cute way to organize your travel cosmetics essentials.

I'm not collecting your email addresses or anything, and I'll have an impartial person pick a random winner. This is fun! :)

Feel free to tell folks about it on your blog if you want.

Also see The Fairy Bagmother for the black patent mock croc handbag giveaway.


Anastasia said...

Cuuute! I want it :)

LADY said...


You have my email already....

G.G. said...

Yay, lovely lovely!

Glam Girls, don't put your email addresses down for your own protection--some awful harvesting spider-creature will collect them most likely off here and start sending you junk. The person who gets picked out of the proverbial hat will be announced here on the site and then that person alone will email me. That way everyone stays private and safe :) Thanks!

Deborah said...

Aww that's too cute! I'd love that!!

Anonymous said...

this one is very in colour...I would like to have that one...