Thursday, August 9, 2007

Fashion Crimes: Eva Longoria's Out of this Galaxy

Just because one has money or celebrity does not mean one inherently possesses class. One of the worst nouveau-riche tendencies is to mix and match every new luxury item one owns willy-nilly. That is, in short, Eva Longoria's crime in this outfit she wore to the Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Chelsea game last month. Each of the individual pieces of this outfit is fabulous, but put them all together and you get kitsch.

The Breakdown:

Fendi B Buckle
$295 Nordstrom
Rinse Overall
$125 A|X
YSL Tribute
$660 Saks

The jacket I think is a now sold-out Armani bouclé (I may be wrong, correct me if you know), and the purse of course is the Gucci Indy. Fabulous items all, but such a horrible mélange. Eva Longoria wins the "Queen of Tacky" award for this week.

Celebrity image from Desperate Blog, all fashion item images from and links to their respective sellers.

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