Friday, August 3, 2007

Coincidence? Naughty Monkey Channels Louboutin

Leopard is big this fall. So, I was bidding on these Louboutin leopard mules on eBay. I know, I know, the combo of the leopard, the platform, and the red heel and sole make them more than a little bit provocawhorative, but in a moment of shoe lust I wanted them. Anyway, moot point, I didn't win them. They sold originally for $615 at Saks, but I wasn't willing to go quite that high. Let's be real — how much wear could I actually get out of these. Where could I wear them, hehehe.

To alleviate my twin disappointment over not only losing out on these but on my disappointment at the Irregular Choice sale, I went browsing Zappos to see what they had for sale in Naughty Monkey, another of my favorite brands. Lo and behold, one of the first pairs I laid my eyes on were these:

Naughty Monkey "Low Rider" $58.95

Now sure, these are kitten-heeled and not screaming vamp pumps, but c'mon, can they honestly say they weren't thinking Louboutin when they designed these? I think not.

Anyway, while these shoes are cute and buckles are an "In" thing this fall, I didn't end up getting these. I did, however, find a most yummy pair I had to get — these just ROARED their way to my heart:

Martinez Valero "Bianca"
(on sale $134.06)

Pink pony hair leopard pumps! And the 3 1/4" heel is walking friendly still. I hope they arrive by my birthday!

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glamour girly said...

Love that first pair of leopard red provocawhorative shoes!

Thanks for checking out my blog!


JAV said...

I am coveting a pair of leopard wedges, and they're on sale at Nordstroms. I posted them on my blog, yet still contemplating: