Monday, August 6, 2007

ABAETE for Payless? But I'm a SNOB!

I admit it, I'm a snob. I haven't set a foot inside a Payless Shoe Source in 19 years. But could it have changed? Will I have to get off my high horse and actually buy something from there? Could be, believe it or not. Abaeté designer Laura Poretzky has designed some fabulous footwear at insane prices for Payless:

$30 Audrey Pump

Look at it! Black and blue stripes of satin with a smoky Lucite heel. It's fabulous! And look at this, also by Abaeté:

$24 Gansevoort Tote

Silver and smoked vinyl... that's pretty hot....

But I have principles! I'm a snob! Could it be I'm actually contemplating buying things from Payless? I should contact my ex-boss and see if it has frozen over there... you know what I'm talking about!

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Jennifer said...

I love those shoes, they are to die for!