Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Victoria Beckham and America

I can't believe I'm posting about her. She was kind of on my "blacklist" — I've made no bones about how much this woman irks me. But then I saw her on Leno...

(YouTube has since removed the video)

For once, she seemed like a human being and she was dressed in a very classy way, unlike her usual angry transvestite look.

So then I watched "Coming to America", which NBC kindly posted on their website.

She was extremely rude to her wannabe personal assistant, when she complemented her on her high heels, and said "You should get some! The DMV part was hiLARious! That was the same office I went to get my California driver's license back in the day. They weren't that friendly to me... maybe you have to be famous for them to crack a smile.

The British are usually nice and normal, but VB is so self-obsessed I couldn't believe it. The only time I felt sympathy for her was when she was surrounded by all those Beverly Hills wives and they started talking about money... perhaps she still remembers a time before the Spice Girls and a more average existence, who knows.

All in all it was quite surreal. If you haven't seen it, head to Alternately, they're reshowing it Thursday evening 10pm. It's like a trainwreck, except with better clothes and makeup.

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Model Citzen said...

I went to bed at 2:00am watching this on NBC, those damn crest whitening strip mini commercials were so annoying... my favorite part was the socailite slash hyena. hysterical, oh, and did you catch the part where she said her personal assistant shouldn't be too young, too skinny, or too good looking? crazy, but a lot more normal than I expected, but I do wish it was a reality show... i'd be glued to that thing.

LADY said...

I guess I need to watch it! I just crack up at how she is so posed and fake - I guess it takes skill to always be like that. My question is - why did they make a show around her? Does anyone care THAT much?

G.G. said...

Model Citizen - And did you see her face when the poor assistant asked if she'd be assisting David too? She was like a thundercloud! "WHY? Do you find him attractive?" Perhaps she was friends with Sadie Thompson whose hubby Jude Law slept with the nanny?

What WAS with that crazy dolphin screaming lady anyway? Wait, I think I answered that when I said "crazy" :P

I didn't think I'd care, but the clothes and shoes alone would get me to watch it. And that 17.5 million dollar mansion. And Bex.

Plus, I too wanna have a hairdresser and makeup artist who walk around with me 24/7 making sure my hair doesn't "look flat" and that my gloss is perfect for a driver's license photo.

Lady - Yeah, you need to see it :)