Wednesday, July 18, 2007

This Rocks!

The gorgeous Laura K of Mile High Style has done me the great honor of tagging me as a

I was floored! I had just gone over to see what delish posts she had made lately and I got to the end of her post and *WHAM* — blindsighted! But in the best of ways. Thanks Laura!

The Rockin' Girl Blogger award was started in June by Roberta Ferguson who is a fabulously RGB herself. I hadn't run across her blog, but it's now bookmarked — good stuff!

I wouldn't be surprised if some or all of these Rockin' Girl Bloggers had already received this award, but I tag these Glam Girls whose blogs I love to read and who really ROCK!

* Lady of You Say I'm a Bitch Like It's a Bad Thing

* Shopaholic D of Shopaholics Anonymous

* Queen Michelle of Kingdom of Style

* Vie of VieCouture

* Hollywood Mama of Hollywood Mama

* The Clotheshorse of The Clotheshorse

* Fabulous of Fabulously Broke in the City

* Sophia of La Voguette

* Ms. Mills of From the Mind of Ms. Mills

You Glam Girls ROCK!

Darlings: if I've left someone out who knows I adore them but whom I forgot because of a fuzzybrain moment, please please drop me a note and I will rectify the situation and apologize profusely :)
*mwah*, GG


Sophia said...

that really is sweet of you! :D
im so flattered tehehehe :P

Model Citzen said...

aw, lady!! my cubicle mate!!!

LADY said...

Awww! Thank you!! How awesome!

G.G. said...

Sophia - :)

Model darling! - I absolutely totally think you rock, but I knew Lady would want to tag you so I didn't want to "steal" you :)

Lady - Considering you not only rock but are a rock babe, how fittimg :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks G.G.


Hollywood Mama

clotheshorseok said...

Thank You! That is very sweet of you! I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

I am tickled so pink (and yes, I meant to say it like that, LOL). Thanks sweety. I guess, I should blog about something worth reading now. I love your blog so coming from you this means alot.

Ms. Mills