Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sarah Jessica Parker on the Cover of ELLE UK

Sarah Jessica Parker is the cover girl for the September 2007 Elle UK. Here are a few choice quotes from the feature:

On Shopping:
"I love shopping on the rare occasion I get to do it and I love beautiful clothes, but these are the things that aren't important — they don't make you a better, more substantial person, thinking person. But fashion can give you a certain feeling — it's that feeling that shoes can give you, or a bag, or the way a pair of pants fit."

On the Sex and the City movie:
"I used to spend 18 to 20 hours a day filming in heels and now I spend a much shorter day in them and I'm, like, 'Oww!' I've really destroyed my body by running and dancing in heels. My knees are shot!"

On Exercise:
"I'm pretty disciplined—I work out in the gym every day. Although I didn't yesterday. Oh, and I didn't this morning, either!"

On Matthew Broderick:
"It's funny because I never used to go to the movies a lot, but I had paid to see all his films before I'd ever met him.... I always thought he was a great actor, but I never thought for a second that I would meet him, let alone date him. We just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary."

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The Stiletto Effect said...

i love sarah jessica!
nice post :)

Tru said...

I love sjp and I think she was on the cover of american elle too

Anonymous said...

I love Sarah Jessica but...these quotes make her sound like an airhead. I better go read the whole article. I still love her though.

Ms. Mills

G.G. said...

I love SJP too - can you believe she's 42 and fabulous! Tru, I didn't see the American Elle cover... I'll have to see if I can find it. Love that yellow dress: haute à l'extrême!