Friday, July 6, 2007

Pretty in Print - Wild About Color and Pattern

Bold colors and fun patterns have been the trends this summer. The only trick is try not to go overboard — wear one bold item with the rest of it pretty calm and plain. It takes a very practiced eye to mix and match several patterns and colors — we're not all Galliano, but we can wear fun prints and colors judiciously.

I'd never even heard of Buckle until today — I was surprised at the cute stuff they had, especially in prints. Here's two outfits I put together — the prices are fabulicious!

Daytrip Topicon
BKE Banglesicon
Lulu Clutchicon
Big Star Cropicon
Restricted Shoesicon

Daytrip Jacketicon
Daytrip Tankicon
BKE Necklaceicon
BKE Toteicon
GUESS Jeansicon
Madden Girl Shoes
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Fabulously Broke in the City said...

Love.. love.. LOVE the outfits. Especially the fun patterend tops (trying to wean myself off solid tops as they are quite boring) :)

G.G. said...

I'm trying that too - but the plain tops let you wear funkier bottoms. I've got so many cute skirts that I need to find good tops for. That's gonna be my focus for a bit. I realized I have so much "unique" in my closet that I need more "basic" or I'll look like a scarecrow :P

LADY said...

Very cute. Great find!