Saturday, July 21, 2007

NEWS: Luxury Addict Embezzles $1.4 million!

SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korean police are seeking a 26-year-old woman on suspicion of embezzling about $1.4 million to fund a craving for designer shoes, bags and clothes, a spokesman said Friday.

"We have strong reason to believe she used this money to purchase about 1,000 designer goods," the police spokesman said. "Without doubt, you have to say she is a luxury-addict."

The woman, identified only as "Miss A," worked for an agricultural cooperative. She is suspected of siphoning off utility and tax payments to fund purchases including, according to media reports, hundreds of pairs of shoes.

Police are looking for accomplices, but would not release further details.

Glam Girls, I swear it wasn't me! I've never even been to the far east, I promise :P


Fabulously Broke in the City said...

Oh honey, who are you kidding? j/k :)

Wow... $1.4 million in a wardrobe? She truly is a shopaholic.

G.G. said...

Haha :) Yeah, imagine how many shoes and bags that buys. We're in the wrong line of work!

LADY said...

Oh to have access to that closet! Think we can bid on the items when the feds close in on her?

G.G. said...

See that's what I wanna know! What are they doing with the loot to recoup the money? eBay?