Monday, July 16, 2007

July Summer Makeup & Skin Care Top Picks

Is there a Glam Girl out there who ever tires of beauty products; finding new ones, falling in love again with golden oldies, changing shades, buying something "just because"? I've never met a Glam Girl who didn't want to hear about others' top picks. That is why it has been so delightful for me that you have sent in your suggestions and tips via comments and email, so I can pass them on to the other Glam Girls as well!


Philosophy® Purity Made Simple

A one-step cleanser that cleans off makeup and dirt. It is gentle for the sensitive skin, but it deep cleans your pores like a wonder. It contains sage, chamomile and carrot to clarify and brighten your face. You can almost feel your skin breathing after using this product.

This product was recommended by reader Reena Patton. Thanks!

Michael Kors Leg Shine
This product glides along your legs adding shine to your Glam Gams. It is subtly tinted and comes in three shades, to even out imperfections and skin tone. You can apply for all-over glow or just on the leg bone, to make legs look ravishingly shimmery. Another tip: Apply also on collar bones and smudge a little on the shoulders for a stunning effect.

This product was recommended by reader Laura K. Awesome!

Elizabeth Arden Let There Be Light

This is one of my long-time favorites for days when I can't be bothered to put on much makeup. They call it "Radiant Skin Lotion", and that's what it is. It is a moisturizer that has a glow to it, though no color. It makes your skin look young and radiant without makeup and the SPF 15 gives you a bit of protection against the blazing sun. Wash your face, put this on, a bit of mascara and gloss, and voilà you without makeup (almost) and very fresh and pretty.

Secret Clinical Strength Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant

I'm sure you've seen the commercials on TV — I did and I bought it to try it. Imagine my surprise when it wasn't hype! It actually works! It doesn't leave powdery residue and you are cool and dry the whole day, even in last week's over 100° temperatures. Until some far distant day when something better comes out, I'm sold! This is worth every single penny.

Make Up For Ever Lipsticks
You've heard me say before how I love every single Make Up For Ever product. Created in Paris by a famed makeup artist for makeup artists, the quality is simply perfection. These lipsticks are moisturizing, won't chap your lips, have good staying power, and come in luscious shades. My favorite at the moment is Antique Pink 424.

So Glam Girls, keep sending in your top picks so we can all enjoy a great new find!

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