Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hello, Lover! The Fall 2007 Manolo Blahniks Slay Me!

Red shoes, the shoe trend this fall.
These are classy yet sensual.

How 1950s and "La Dolce Vita" are these!

Silver snake ballet toe-shoes that are actually slingbacks?!
Oh, this man knows how to make a Glam Girl's heart flutter!

Oh! Oh! Oh!

Oh my God-in-Shoe-Heaven! You know what these are?!
They are the golden sisters to the silver Manolos
Carrie has stolen at the party in Sex and the City.
It's just not right for a shoe to be this beautiful.
I'm so verklempt I think I'm gonna cry.

I'm having a "Meg Ryan at the diner in When Harry Met Sally" moment here. I need to become obnoxiously wealthy and live in a house with a shoe closet the size of a high-school gymnasium, filled with Manolos. And Louboutins. And Lacroix. Ahh, "'Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished."

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Tru said...

those gold ones are tres chic

LADY said...

I think I need the Dinamus ones....

G.G. said...

Absolutely! I told the Fairy Bagmother to forget the gold bag, I would need a silver one to go with my new Manolos :P

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