Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The city is having a heat wave. It's been over 100F every day and it is deadly outside. Inside the air-conditioners are blowing so hard that it is absolutely FREEZING. I don't know how people do the constant temperature changes without getting sick! I've developed a little sniffle.

Yesterday after a long day of shopping, my mom and I went to see Shrek 3 and were almost solid ice when the movie ended. Perhaps I'm just grumpy. I felt like Princess Fiona, because we had been shopping for jeans earlier and those hateful 3-way mirrors made me feel to fat to exist. I hate buying pants! DEATH to 3-way mirrors!

I've been very good and only bought one pair of shoes, one pair of flip flops, a black shirt, and a new frying pan (!) so far. Museum day and more shopping tomorrow. Will eventually get back to fashion posts, but quality time with mom taking top priority right now.

Stay Glam, Girls :)


LADY said...

Was Shrek cute? My bestie and I always watch the first two when we are bored and I really wanted to catch the 3rd one, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Have fun shopping! I am jealous...freezing to death as I type in my little office.

G.G. said...

It was kind of a rehashing of the old jokes, but it was still nice :) My sympathies on the freezy office!

Ms. Nell Carter said...

I think the kinda hot we have down here is different from the kind you guys have up there. It's extremely hot but it has also been extremely muggy and humid for the past few days. We do have shade trees and sweet iced tea to look forward to in the evening...when you can actually go outside with out bursting into flames, lol.

Enjoy the quality time with mom.

Ms. Mills

G.G. said...

Thanks Ms. Mills! Tonight's thunderstorms should bring the temperature down to the 80s tomorrow, thank goodness. Shade trees and iced tea do sound nice though :)