Saturday, June 30, 2007

What Do You Give the Girl Who Has Everything?

The age-old question, isn't it? I don't know the answer. I also don't know what to give to a 15 yr-old whose birthday party I'm going to tonight, who told me gift certificates are too impersonal. I would've loved gift certificates, impersonal-schmersonal! But it's clear I've become a geezer who is out of touch with the teenagers, OMG! While I was on the phone with Gabs, she found a great site—RedEnvelope. They have gift suggestions by both event and by recipient, and while I have to get my gift today, it gave me great ideas to look for while I'm out there shopping for her. This is definitely something I'll use in the future, when I haven't procrastinated quite so badly!


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Sola said...

Great tip! Thank you for posting about this. I'm grabbing gift ideas from the site as i post my comment. :D