Monday, June 11, 2007

The Tony Awards 2007: Red Carpet in Review

Awards shows, a Glam Girl's favorite entertainment on a Sunday night. Judging the best and the worst while feeling 100% confident she could outdo them all, if she were afforded the chance to traipse down the red carpet, all from the safe confines of her comfortable couch and pajamas. Last night's Tony Awards yielded the following observations:

Mermaid is in:

Vanessa Williams and Christina Applegate were just a few of the ladies sporting colors from the Aqua - Turquoise spectrum, complete with trains, very Old Hollywood, very summery in the color choice. Big points.

Mutton dressed as lamb:

This lovely British saying refers to older women dressing as if they were spring chickens. Bebe Neuwirth and Swoosie Kurtz certainly qualified! Ladies — please, preserve some dignity. Nobody really desires to see sagging chests or age-chewed rib bones. Take a lesson from the real

Grand Dames who know how to Glam it:

You can be age-appropriate and still glamorous, as proven by Celeste Holm and Mary Louise Wilson. Angela Lansbury was beautiful as well.

The Worst Dressed awards go to Marcia Gay Harden for the "Simply Weird" and to Claire Danes for the "I'm wearing my great-aunt's curtains and I never heard of the Wonder Bra":

The evening's Most Glamorous awards go to Fantasia and Christine Ebersole for proving that you don't have to be a certain age, look, or size to be truly fabulous:

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Diana Coronado said...


Keep bloggin!!
You got great taste
I like the Stuart Ramson dress

LADY said...
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LADY said...

I about choked on my water when I read your description of Claire Danes. Perfection!

G.G. said...

Thanks Diana and Lady :)