Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Starter Wife: More Knockoff Style

Ever since watching The Starter Wife on USA Networks' I've been obsessed with the sunglasses Debra Messing wears throughout the first episode. I can't find the originals, so knockoff hunt began, and these are the closest contenders:




In the comments to the previous post on The Starter Wife, Ms. Nell Carter asked if I could find a knockoff of the 'date dress' Molly wears for her date with Lou.

It's a multi-color silk chiffon dress, with a rose base, a deep V-neck, with strips of fuchsia and plum accenting the neckline. I couldn't find any outright matches, but these two have a similar idea:

Vintage Voile Dress
René Derhy
La Redoute

Floral Medley Silk Chiffon
Halé Bob

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Hollywood Mama said...

Thanks for dropping by my page.. i love the designs above :)

Hollywood Mama

G.G. said...

Thanks Hollywood Mama!

Ms. Nell Carter said...

You are sooo good. Thanks. I'm going to buy my dress now...and I can't believe you found some shades that are so close.

G.G. said...

OMG! Which one did you buy?

Ms. Nell Carter said...

I ordered the Floral Medley one. It was $224. It's supposed to be here by Wed. I'll let you know how it works on a person who's a little fuller on top,lol. Hopefully, it won't make me look trashy.

Ms. Mills

G.G. said...

Oh, I bet it will be gorgeous! If it seems too revealing, try a little silk cami underneath - you should be able to pick one up at Kohl's for less than $15.

I'm still obsessing over the sunglasses. Which ones do you think I should go with?

T.R. said...

I'm a little late, and I'm sure that you've discovered by now that those sunglasses are by Escada. Last Spring (early), they were widely available in Loehman's and Daffy's.