Friday, June 22, 2007

The Starter Wife: Knock off Debra Messing's Look

We've been discussing how in the past few episodes of The Starter Wife, the fashions have been extremely blah—from the first episode, which was full of exciting clothes and accessories, it went through a period of Target-wear. It's as if the creators didn't realize we can all see that walking down the street; what we want to see are clothes we can only dream of some day wearing. Thankfully, last night's episode, Chapter 5, provided a few yummies:

The black dress worn by Cricket when she decides to seduce the realtor, in order to feel like she's even. Lovely and classic. Paired with red heels and a gorgeous red handbag (I think it was Prada, didn't get a long enough look). The sexiest and least "little girl" we've seen Cricket look on the show so far.

The nearest equivalents I could find on a budget were this Tadashi little black dress ($199) and a red Vitalio bag (a crazy steal at $35):

Then the costumer decided to drive me crazy with sunglasses again:

I couldn't find the originals, but the closest match was:

$2.99 at Amazon!

Only one more episode! What will we watch when this is over? Anyone have ideas?

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Ms. Nell Carter said...

The funny part about this post is that when I say her in those shades in Thursday nights episode the first person I thought of was you. I was like "Hmmmm, I bet GG will now where to find those. I ask her tomorrow." Well, at least I wasn't the first to ask. You know I find something I want for my wardrobe every time I watch that show. Oh and the dress husband likes the fit way more than I do.

Ms. Mills

G.G. said...

I'm so happy to hear that the dress fit! I bet your husband likes you in it. Like I said, if it feels too bare at the cleavage, put a little silk cami underneath. It shouldn't ruin the effect by much and you'll feel more comfortable wearing it.

I know! I think the costumers are out to get me, with my weakness for sunglasses. I have entirely too many pairs. Wait.... no such thing as too many sunglasses!