Friday, June 8, 2007

The Starter Wife: Hour 3 Clothes Disappoint

Did you watch The Starter Wife last night? The clothes were nothing to write home about really. The real star on the design side was the gorgeous four poster bed, straight out of romance novels. I've always wanted a four poster — with gauze drapes fluttering in the wind and a Glam Guy carrying me to it "Frankly, Scarlet"-style. I think the one I'd pick is this one (though I would change the drapes to silk voile):

Bombay Herning Four Poster Bed

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Amanda said...

I love your blog and am also a huge fan of the Starter Wife. I have added you to my blog roll.

Ms. Nell Carter said...

Yeah, this week was definitely fashion on vacation week. It was a drape episode, so the fashion will mostly come back into play during next week...I hope so anyway. That bed was very romantic.


G.G. said...

Oh thanks Amanda! I'm tickled pink!

Ms. Mills - I hope the fashion comes back too. Although "Bambi" was a fashion statement of another sort. Kudos to Debra Messing for agreeing to wear all that, especially the yellow stockings. In a way it was perfect!

Kathryn said...

I need some serious help. I've been trying to find some hairclips like the huge ones that "Cricket" wears in 'The Starter Wife.' She wore two together in the scene at her daughters birthday party. Does anyone know where I can find them???

Anonymous said...

@Kathryn: Do you happen to know what brand and type of sunglasses Cricket was wearing in that scene? I found out it's Dolce and Gabbana but the type is what I can't figure out... someone please help!

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