Sunday, June 24, 2007

National Pink Day - Glam Girl Holiday

It was yesterday, June 23rd. How could I have missed it!? I never even heard of it, until I saw D's post on Shopaholics Anonymous. Some Glam Girl I am, huh? Well, I will be fashionably late, but I will not miss out on it. Taking my cue from D, I trawled around the web for pink goodies.

G.G.'s Tickle Me Pink List:

Sex and the City
Special Edition.
Has it. Loves it.

Martini Glass.
Wants it. Needs it.

Pink Blender.
To go with the glasses!

Barbie Legally Blonde
Elle Woods Doll.
Oh my. Not for me.
Tartine et Chocolat Pink
by Givenchy.
Cookies; Glam Boy likes.

Pink Fleur de Lys
Hanging Toiletry Bag.
Great gift idea.

Maschera Tote Bag
Pink Leather & Straw.

Irregular Choice "Debutant"
Pale Pink Suede Pumps.
Adores them!

Whew — that's a LOT of pink. Until next year!


Kaye said...

my God- I cannot believe I missed it too!! Maybe I should mark it into the calendar... for next yr? The tote is gorgeous- I can so imagine myself heading to the beach with it! And the pumps too- so dainty, pink and lady like.

Oh, and just for you- I'll admit that I've never read Sex and the City in my life! Wonder how badly that reflects upon me....

Seraphine said...

I love your pink selections. My contribution is to add a pink skirt with white polka dots and a pink ipod. Btw- I missed National Pink Day too.

frenchkys said...

I loved pink since I was wee small and I didn't even know there WAS a pink day! Blasphemous, aren't I.

Cool pink stuff indeed. I want them all!!!

Shopaholic D said...

i like your picks, too!

i actually almost missed Nat'l Pink Day this year, but I'm writing it down for next!

:) D

G.G. said...

Kaye - As long as you've seen the show, Kaye, that's fine :) I think Candace Bushnell's books lack something the show has... the actors bought so much complexity and heart to their characters which I appreciated much more than the books.

Seraphine - Pink skirt with polkadots?? Where? I have to see it. I'm mad about polkadots. I always drift towards the one polkadot item in the store, and have to wrench myself away. My iPod and my Razr are both pink *blush*... but if we can't be girls when we want to be, what's the point, right? :)

Frenchkys - Heh, I want them all too. And I'm sure if I was 11 I'd want the Barbie, but now she'd just sit on a shelf gathering dust. I wish I knew a Barbie-aged girl or someone who collected them!

D - I love your blog! Thanks for alerting me to the NPD - I felt such horror when I thought I missed it. But I did start the post around midnight, so if I pretended I was in California, I'd almost have made it :P

The Stiletto Effect said...

ah so cute!