Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Irregular Choice Strikes Again!

They finally came! My pretty pink shoes! I'm traipsing around in my pink kitty jammies and my new kitten heels.

I do so love shoes that have cool bottoms — these have little Dutch Girls, very storybook. The shoebox itself is a keeper. I adore Irregular Choice!

Here are the pairs I want next:

Irregular Choice - Lady Grey
(gnome bottoms!)

@ Piperlime
Irregular Choice - Little Bo-Peep
(purple fairy bottoms!)

@ Zappo's

What I love about Irregular Choice is that they have vision — they have their own voice. Even with pairs that I'm not sure I even like (like these repulsive yet gorgeous green things coming up), I'm strangely drawn to them because they have a unique "Irregular Choiceness."

Irregular Choice - Woof

@ Zappo's

Perhaps that's what makes style truly great... when you can see an item and know beyond doubt that it was designed by so-and-so, even if you don't know how or why you know it. The thing Tim Gunn, Nina and Michael are trying to coax out of the designers on Project Runway each season. The "It" -factor, know what I mean?

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Jennifer said...

Those are the most unique shoes, they are so adorable, but hard to wear you'd have to be careful. I love the last and first pair and the details!!

LADY said...

You have the most unique shoe collection ever!

bitterbabe said...

i love irregular choice!