Tuesday, June 12, 2007

GLAM TIPS: How to Keep Your Head in a Sale

If I'm ever interviewed by James Lipton of Inside the Actors' Studio fame, I will tell him proudly my favorite words in the English language are CLEARANCE SALE—just the sound of those words gets my heart racing!

However, most of us do not operate on limitless finances or endless closet space. When shopping a crazy sale, these are the tips to keep in mind:

Before you go: make a mental budget of how much you will spend, at max.

At the sale:
1. Begin with Basics (BB)
2. Then Perfect Prices (PP)
3. Luxuries Last (LL)

Essentially, it means this.

Basics are those items we all need in our wardrobes: the classic black skirt, black slacks, the little black dress, the everyday jeans, the timeless white blouse, simple black pumps. These are items that go with everything, so they give you the best bang for your buck, because you can mix and match endlessly, they're not immediately out of style or season, and they create that polished, plain backdrop for your more unusual pieces and/or accessories.

Perfect Prices; next, you check every category that interests you for the crazy deals. If shopping online, this simply means sorting listings from price low to high. Check the first few pages to see if the cheapy-cheaps have something cute and worthwhile. You'd be surprised at what you can pick up.

Luxury Last; if your shopping cart is not bursting with excess and you've still got money in your budget, you might want to pick out one or two items you would never ordinarily splurge on. If it's a good sale, this is the time that you can get that one unusual covetable item at a bargain, be it a handbag, funky shoes, jewelry, a dress, whatever. Just make sure you don't start with the luxury, or you'll not make out as well at the sale as you had hoped, guaranteed.

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Amanda said...

Great sale shopping tips, plus great picks from Bluefly. I love Bluefly!

G.G. said...

Thanks! I love Bluefly - I think I may be there too often....