Thursday, May 24, 2007

What is Glamour?

Glamour, that larger-than-life je ne sais quoi, that star quality, which we recognize when we see it, but have a hard time defining. It is part beauty, part charisma, but most certainly it is self-confidence and hard work.

Originally, a "glamour" was an enchantment cast by an enchanter or enchantress, making others see what the enchanter wanted them to see, an illusion. Glamorous people today still enchant us; we say we are "under the spell" of an individual, and we are irresistibly attracted.

Glamour is something that takes work: it involves more than one of the ingredients of self-confidence, grooming, a zest for life, wit, beauty, and so on. It is also helped along by beauty treatments, cosmetics, clothing, and the trappings of the good life.

Let us travel into the world of glamour together. This site will include short articles on Glamour, tips and tricks of Glamour Girls of yesterday and today, and tons and tons of delicious luxuries no Glamour Girl wants to live without. Indulge your inner bombshell here. I'm sure we'll have fun!

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