Sunday, May 27, 2007

Johnny Depp at the 'Pirates III' World Premiere

To preface the photos of the Pirates of the Caribbean III movie premiere, Moviefone (or says "Johnny Depp displayed some questionable fashion sense at the 'Pirates' world premiere." This Glamour Girl disagrees.

First and foremost, it is clear that the cast decided to come dressed casually. Johnny Depp came looking like a modern pirate. The crumpled white shirt, the distressed jeans, the vest and the irreverent accessories are all in keeping with the rockstar/pirate image. Depp looks edgy and well-styled, and his hair is perfect.

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If anyone deserves jeers for questionable fashion sense at this premiere, it would have to be Orlando Bloom with his boring goody-goody haircut and his downright dumpy blue shirt. Also, since when did Mr. Moviefone become a fashion critic?

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laura k said...

Agreed!!! I've yet to see Johnny when he didn't look anything but fantastic. Modern pirate - genius!

Laura K